Here at maui cbd we utilize the knowledge of hawaiian indigenous permaculture(hip) program designed to bring ancient hawaiian farming practices back into use, and bio dynamic beyond organic principals that blend well with hip. Revitalizing the wisdom of the ancient hawaiians to grow pure organic food and medicines in a pono way as the hawaiians did for generations in complete harmony with the aina(land) is our mission.Teaching the benefits of living a natural life removed from the concrete jungles of manmade cities. Earth is our home, and has all we need to be healthy and happy. We believe that in order to create a plant medicine that has healing energy, the beings who care for the plants must be devoted to their wellbeing, and love them as their own family. If your in our gardens, then you are living a life of a higher purpose of benefiting all beings of earth.The people who care for the plants are called “Malama aina” in hawaiian meaning the people who decide to stay on the land and care for the plants and animals.

All of our farmers and medicine makers are permaculturist and herbalists who live and breath a life of higher service of caring for the island and community. This infuses the spirit of aloha into our healing elixirs. This the real thing. As we return to the ancient ways, we will remember the true healing comes from the synergy of all things in harmony. The so called magic bullet that science promised never came, and has only wreaked havoc on earth. Let us step back and be guided by the ancestors of these ancient lands. pure mana pure aloha pure maui


We feel as if we were guided to this magnificent mountain haleakala on the magnificent isle of maui. There are cracks in the earth here where energy pours out onto the lands and seas, helping to bring all beings to the awareness of their infinite potential. These islands used to all be linked together into one continent! So much ancient wisdom here! We created maui cbd to help the beings of earth to be fully empowered activating their endo cannabinoid system that the hemp plant can help with. The hemp plant helps us to connect with the creation of earth. Hemp is a herb bearing seed. It has the special properties of fortifying the body against the changes happening on earth. It helps us to not conform or be swayed by negative forces. It helps awaken you back into the garden of earth’s paradise. Hemp is here to nourish us as we walk this path of life on earth. We will be of service along your healing journey on earth to realizing your highest healthy self. We live for the higher purpose of helping all beings along the journey of life. It can sometimes seem bewildering to navigate, and it can feel very good to be guided by the benevolent plants, people and animals.

Maui cbd cares about all things, especially- your health and vitality, and making life on earth even more enjoyable for all who live here. Rest assured that joining our collective will allow you to be in constant contact with humans who live in the gardens and create organic regenerative medicines. Welcome to our higher purpose lifestyle! Share this medicine with everyone you meet. Many folks have not tried, and can benefit so much.


We grow all our herbs and foods in living soils, beyond organic in a medley of different species of over 125 types of herbs, foods, and trees. Living soil is only really created in a ground in the earth where you do not till or change the soil, only adding composts and plant ferments to give nutrients to the microflora. If you get your medicinals from a indoor grower who claims they use living soil, then they are not talking about the same thing we do. Building up living soil takes time, a minimum of 1 month prepare, but more like 1-2 years to get the soil to a place where it starts producing higher terpenes and cannabinoids. We do not believe in monoculture to make profits as this does not create a healthy world and depletes our precious soils. We have been growing polyculture organics for 7 years on maui, and we have learned a whole new way for the community to follow. We believe the profits we may lose by not being as efficient and productive, can be passed on to future generations without any loss of our own current needs to thrive.

Its important to support products from beings who care about our earth, and the next 7 generations. The children need a new model of living that makes the existing one obsolete! We have also found that creating diverse garden zones where on average there are 10 different kinds of plant in a 4×4 ft area produces a force field against bug infestation, molds and the need for fertilizers. The medley of herbal plants we grow together with our hemp strains allow us to bring you a artisan level, hand harvested, small batch product, using heirloom seed genetics, and growing beyond organic non gmo cannabinoid rich full spectrum hemp oil extract that will change your world- physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in a way that can only be described as rejuvenated, like being a kid again full of thriving energy. We know that our elixirs are miracle like quality and are excited that you have finally found us. Welcome to your destiny of radiant health and vitality.