Amauizon “Restore” Elixir


Amauizon “Restore” Hemp CBD Elixir



  • Our Certified Organic Maca is grown at 14,000ft at the Junín Valley in Peru.
  • Our Beta Caryophyllene rich (60%) Certified Organic Copaiba oil is fresh from the tribes in Peru using traditional methods that don’t kill the trees.
  • Himalayan Shilajit is filtered to remove any heavy metals, with a 50% fulvic acid content and 70 highly bioactive minerals, sun-dried, hand-harvested Molokai ocean minerals, Kauai Alaea spiritual clay, certified organic Ohia Lehua Hawaiian honey, and full-spectrum regenerative farmed CBD Hemp extract.
  • We have created a formula that gives you a true taste of Hawaii and the Amazon’s Magic.
  • Embrace the Oneness of the Earth by trying out these new synergies of Organic Earth Medicine.


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