Amauizon “Thrive” Capsules


Amauizon “Restore” Hemp CBD Elixir



  • Feel the potent effects of this blend of Amazon rainforest plants, Hawaiian ocean minerals, and beyond organic regenerative grown full-spectrum hemp oil.
  • Our shilijit is filtered to remove any heavy metals present from the extraction process, and tests at over 50% fulvic acid, with 70 bioavailable minerals.
  • Our certified organic maca is harvested at 14,000 ft in the Junin valley of Peru.
  • Our full-spectrum hemp oil is grown biodynamically and regeneratively, and lastly, our Hawaiian ocean minerals are harvested on the coast of Molokai, Hawaii, and infused with alaea clay. 300mg- $50 (20 single 0 capsules per jar)


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