Since 2010, we’ve been exploring

hawaii for important fruits, traditional foods & botanical medicines. We now own properties deep in the hawaiian jungles and mountains. Today, maui cbd collective works directly with herbalists, micro hemp farms, local medicine people, and laboratories to cultivate and research traditional and contemporary hawaiian medicines, as well as different medicinal plants that grow well here, which are found to be beneficial for both humans and the land. Our goal is to bring sustainable wealth to small micro farms and to support indigenous hawaiian populations in a joint effort to preserve the environment and the ancient hawaiian plant wisdom. We believe that traditional wisdom and modern science can combine important resources for a long term vision of biological health.

After 10 Years of research

We are determined in our support of indigenous land rights and sustainable agriculture. A portion of each sale is designated to help bring free herbal medicines ,lands, and foods to the hawaiian peoples. Over the years, we have come to understand that a healthy nutrition and clean water, is often the defining factor between healthy, happy cultures and over-stressed or impoverished communities. We have also discovered that much of the devastation to the earth forest is a result of non-sustainable farming operations like the cane and pineapple field plantations that destroyed and polluted the lower regions of hawaii. We hope to alleviate this by embracing permaculture ,micro farm models, and a sustainable harvest practices wherever we work. We believe that a nutrient-rich food supply can contribute to emotional and spiritual aspects such as tranquility, contemplation and compassion for others. Chemical imbalances in the body govern the attitudes and mood. Good health, stamina, and clarity of mind are bounties immeasurable by monetary means, and can contribute to peace on the planet.

Our mission at

maui cbd collective,
Is we strive to:

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Support ancient wisdom

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Consider the people in all actions

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Embrace beyond organic quality

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Furthering sustainability and fair-trade for all people

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Believe in the potential of people to heal earth

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Build and maintain real, authentic connections with our growers, and customers.

The maui collective

know your farmer, know your medicine.

we believe that everyone should know who grows your plant medicine, including where and how they are grown. Maui cbd aligns with hawaiian multi-generational farmers who cultivate under full sunshine, using sustainable practices, and in small, hand harvested batches. Each family(ohana) uses only organic methods, stewarding (mālama aina) the land and soil , they have spent their lives understanding the relationship between the garden, the cultivar genetics, and the unique terroir. The result is a beyond organic product, that simply cannot be found anywhere else

creating a hawaiian sustainable

supply chain

We believe that sustainability, the micro farm community model, and hemp grown “the hawaiian way” can be embraced by the hemp community, especially as large-scale industrialized production becomes a reality. With our collective, and state of art facilities, our abilities range from sourcing organically cultivated raw goods of hawaii, to distribution and white label services to local families, we offer the scale and services to help expand small family owned businesses with this shared vision of the permaculture revolution.

who are we

we are the first

Sustainable, sungrown hemp company to embrace the small, family owned micro farm model in hawaii. we partner with, and give scale to, artisan craft farmers on maui and the other hawaiian islands. We offer a wide range of processing, co-packing, white label, and distribution services to a growing number of retailers, health practioners, and microfarms, all who share these values and visions of building a better model of accountability for our communities.



We provide our partners with a source for farm to table, compliant hawaiian hemp products that are of the highest quality.

‍ We believe customers deserve to know who grows their plant medicines, including where and how they are grown. Through our transparent supply chain, we provide a consistent and reliable selection of permaculture grown, pesticide free, terpene rich hemp products. We source all our plant medicines from our farm,micro farms in hawaii, and wildcrafted in the deep jungles and forests of hawaii’s mountains and coasts. All transparent and traceable.

‍ We partner with small micro farms to provide a scalable platform that allows them to tell their story, distribute their products to the global market, and focus on doing what they love: farming sustainably and beyond organic- and keeping the value they create within their local communities intact. maui cbd collective is the next level of high grade hemp products that delivers a transparent view into the new way of healing our planet. Organic micro farmed and traceable farm to table hemp.


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